Today i am going to tell you about a issue which i have faced recently in my production system. Although such issues are very rare but can be sometimes really tough to resolve. Recently we […]

Collections in Java : Java has a separate framework for working on different type of collections (data structures) known as Java Collections Framework (also called as Collections API).This framework contains everything to work on different […]

Singleton Design Pattern

What is Singleton Design Pattern? Singleton Design Pattern in java assures that at any given point of time there is only one instance of a singleton class in the Java Virtual Machine(JVM). It is one […]

Lots of people face problem when they installs Weblogic Server. The problem most of the times pertains to the port no. Weblogic uses 7001 as the default port for running it’s admin server. But sometimes […]

Core Java Interview Questions

To clear a java interview, one must have a good understanding of core java concepts. Here is a list of some frequently asked Core Java Interview Questions : Can you synchronize the constructor in java? According […]

Developers working on Tomcat might have faced this problem of changing the default port of Tomcat. Tomcat by default runs on port no. 8080 but some other application might be already running on this port […]

Sometimes using decode function in your SQL queries comes very handy while writing complex queries. Use of decode makes your query more easy to read and use. This makes your code more readable and is […]

Today I am going to discuss about an Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9)/Internet Explorer 10 (IE 10) issue which I faced recently. I faced an issue in which on click of a button on the […]

“Some characters can not be mapped using Cp1252 character encoding“. Today i am going to tell you about you an encoding issue which i recently faced in Eclipse during development. In my java program, i was trying […]

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